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Two decades of real estate service! HB - Habinédita Group has been working in the vanguard of the real estate sector, having at this moment the objective of developing a model of franchising of a real estate fully integrated and with a system open to the future. Everything that is known today about the Brand is the result of recognition and publicity and the quality of our services. We are a Brand of Success! Designed to start up with a very small fixed cost structure, our business model is easily adapted to different realities and markets. Low investment, strong operational guidance, versatility, rapid return on initial investment. Rehabilitation! We were pioneers! We have an innovative concept that leverages current market conditions to thrive. We put together the best of two worlds: Real Estate Mediation and Rehabilitation and saw our business grow! Rehab today is no longer an option! It has become a very important part of the profitability of both our company and our clients, whether investors or owners. Homeowners and investors see rehabilitation projects as an excellent way to value a real estate asset for safe and quick monetization. In order for your business to start working within our (Rehabilitation) focus, we have prepared an initial training that will help you manage and grow with total confidence. We give you constant and close support at startup so you feel the evolution and solidification of your business. We have a management model that allows you to grow in a sustained and consistent manner; We are a network that allows you to win where you would hardly win alone; We are a company with proven evidence and visible results! Networking powers sharing, multiplying business and deploying opportunities! Request our business plan adapted to the desired location. Talk to us!

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